Batman is a protagonist of the Batman franchise and is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.





Voiced By Kevin Conroy (English)

Tessho Genda (Japanese)

Franchise Batman
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Batman Forever: The Arcade Game
Rival Spider-Man



Bruce Wayne was only eight years old when his parents were killed by a mugger when the three of them were leaving the theatre. After witnessing the event, Bruce dedicated his life to stopping criminals so that no one else would have to go through what he did. Using is substantial wealth, he traveled the world in order to hone his mind and body to its peak, mastering several martial arts, escaping artistry, and deductive skills. When he return home to Gotham he designed a costumed modeled after a bat in order to strike fear in the hearts of the superstitious and cowardly criminal element. By day he is billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, but by night he stalks the streets of Gotham as its chosen protector, Batman!


  • Batman Forever: The Arcade Game - PSX (1996)
  • Batman and Robin - PSX (1997)
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - PSX (2000)
  • Batman: Gotham City Racer - PSX (2001)
  • Batman: Vengeance - PS2 (2001)
  • Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu - PS2 (2004)
  • Batman Begins - PS2 (2005)
  • Justice League Heroes - PS2/PSP (2006)
  • Lego Batman: The Video Game - PS2/PS3/PSP (2008)
  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - PS3 (2008)
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum - PS3 (2009)
  • DC Universe Online - PS3 (2011)
  • Batman: Arkham City - PS3 (2011)
  • Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes - PS3/PSV (2012)
  • Gotham City Impostors - PSN (2012)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us - PS3 (2013)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins - PS3 (2013)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - PSV (2013)





Name: Spider-Man

Reason: TBA

Connection: Batman and Spider-Man are currently the flagship characters of DC and Marvel Comic, respectively, the two most prominent comic book publishers in North America. Both characters are highly intelligent and highly capable heroes who are proficient in science, deduction, martial arts, and technology. It said about both of them that if they are given enough time to prepare they can take down any threat. Both have served as members on their companies most prominent super hero team, the Justice League for DC and the Avengers for Marvel, and while both are considers high profile superheroes they both primarily fight street level crime. They also have what are probably the two most well known rogues galleries in comic book history.




Batman is a mixed attacked with an even split of physcial and projectile moves. He is also able to glide short distances.


[2](Square Moves)

[19](Triangle Moves)

[36](Circle Moves)


[58][59](Trigger Moves)

[65](Super Moves)

  • Swarm of Bats - [66] (Level 1) Batman throws a radio batarang which summons a swarm of bats across a stage. If the batarang hits an opponent the batman will move in their direction more.
  • Batmobile - [67] (Level 2) Batman will summon the Batmobile which will drive across the stage a few times before driving off screen.
  • Batplane - [68] (Level 3) The Batplane will arrive and Batman will enter it. Inside he can use it to fly around, hit opponents, drop explosives, or do a final screen clearing munitions drop.


  • When Selected:


  • Prematch:


  • Item Pick-up:


  • Using Swarm of Bats:
    • TBA
  • Using Batmobile:
    • TBA
  • Using Batplane:
    • TBA
  • Successful KO:


  • Respawn:


Introduction and Ending AnimationsEditEdit



Winning ScreenEditEdit


Losing ScreenEditEdit


Results ScreenEditEdit

Victory: TBA"

Loss: TBA

Idle AnimationEditEdit


Victory ThemeEditEdit



This is Batman's default costume in Injustice: Gods Among Us. It combines elements of his Arkham series costume with the Nolanverse costume.

  • Default: Black and Grey
  • Blue and Grey (Silver Age Costume)
  • Black and Black (Nolanverse)
  • Black and Yellow (Batgirl)


This is the outfit that Batman wore in the 1989 film Batman. It's all black and rubbery with a yellow bat symbol in the middle of the chest. This Costume is available through DLC.

  • Default: Black and Yellow
  • Blue and Light Blue (Batman Forever/& Robin)
  • Light Blue and Silver (Batman & Robin)
  • Blue and Red (Robin)

Bat of TomorrowEditEdit

This is the costume that was worn by Terry McGinnis as Batman. It's all black with a large red Bat in the center of the chest and no Cape. During gliding, retractable wings will come out of the suit in place of the cape. The costume is unlocked at Level 10.

Profile ItemsEditEdit


  • Rank 8: Alfred Pennyworth
  • DLC: Nightwing
  • DLC: Red Robin
  • DLC: Batgirl
  • DLC: Red Hood
  • DLC: Damian Wayne


  • Rank 5: Batman
  • Rank 6: Bruce Wayne
  • Rank 7: Alfred
  • Rank 9: Nightwing
  • Rank 11: Red Robin
  • Rank 12: Batgirl
  • Rank 14: Red Hood
  • Rank 15: Damian Wayne
  • Rank 17: Catwoman
  • Rank 18: Spoiler
  • Rank 20: Black Bat
  • Rank 21: Joker
  • Rank 23: Azrael
  • Rank 24: Batwing
  • Rank 50: Talon
  • Rank 200: Ace the Bathound


  • Rank 16: Gotham City
  • Rank 19: Arkham Asylum
  • Rank 22: Wayne Manor
  • Rank 25: Batcave
  • Rank 300: Gotham P.D.


Coming Soon

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